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Going Low Tech

I just went to an IT integration conference in Shanghai, Learning 2.010, and it was just the spark I needed to try blogging again. So…

My nine year old daughter and I have been working our way through the activity book ‘50 Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Child Do)’. My daughter and I are having fun, but her mother is not all that happy about some of the things we have planned. The author of the book, Gever Tulley, also runs a summer camp  called the Tinkering School. I wanted to try something like this with my class of five and six year olds.

I decided to put together a tinkering cart to use in our kindergarten classes at school. At the beginning of the year I found piles and piles of old equipment outside our school’s AV department. All these goodies were getting ready for the final journey to the dump. A few of us kindergarten teachers decided took as many of these broken keyboards, mice and stereos as we could and put them into our storage room. Along with all the discarded equipment there was also an old overhead projector cart, perfect for this project.



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